Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

Our references reflect the customer relationships which we have been developing and growing for years in both the public and private business sectors. The following case studies provide selected examples of the services which we provide.

  • Vodafone GmbH

    Project: Line planning for eastern and northern region

    By expanding its fibre optic network, Vodafone GmbH aims to significantly increase the capacity of its network. STF Tele Consult is supporting the telecommunications company in the planning and realisation of this highly complex project. Network topology, redundancy requirements and efficiency are the main issues.

    With the help of STF engineers, Vodafone is not only able to connect its own locations to the network, but also to connect clients’ locations. 

  • Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

    Project: Quality assurance and network audit 

    STF Tele Consult assumes planning contracts for Telefónica as well as ongoing quality audits of locations and transmission networks. If errors in the quality audit of locations and construction quality are identified, such as in the antenna positioning, or in technical parameters, such as the transmission and reception range, STF engineers implement measures to eliminate the errors. Complex configurations and deviations between the planned and actual state represent regular challenges. The constant increase in network quality is a clear indication of the success of STF’s services.

  • German Heart Institute Berlin

    Project: In-house and building coverage  

    To ensure optimum wireless coverage for mobile conversations and data within the entire building complex, STF Tele Consult conducted a coverage and quality survey. The survey results and the client’s coverage targets formed the basis of a coverage concept involving a block diagram, a transmission layout and an antenna positioning plan, which were then incorporated into project management. As a result of the minutely planned implementation, the whole hospital building now boasts an excellent wireless coverage and capacity.

  • Netcom BW GmbH

    Project: Broadband rollout of a regional network operator

    STF Tele Consult is planning and executing regional network operator Netcom BW‘s broadband rollout in various districts and municipalities.  In the state of Baden-Württemberg, more than 70 communities and municipalities have already been connected. The main challenge is to select the most economic fibre optic-based technology (FTTC, FTTH or FTTB).

  • Community of Senden

    Project: Broadband coverage for an industrial park

    In order to connect the industrial park of the community of Senden in Westphalia ( to the broadband network, STF Tele Consult carried out a feasibility study and a market survey. STF’s engineers drew up a master plan for the broadband rollout, which then allowed for the initiation of a contract award procedure. For the duration of the project, STF was responsible for infrastructure planning, the supervision of construction and quality assurance of the broadband rollout. A prime concern during the project was – and still is – keeping the risks to the community, as a passive network operator, to a minimum. We succeeded: the companies in the industrial park now enjoy fast internet access.  

  • E-Plus

    Project: Project management in fixed network coordination

    To ensure that E-Plus ( meets all its rollout targets in the fixed network segment, STF Tele Consult is responsible for prioritising and coordinating all related activities. STF’s specialists are an interface to external partners, suppliers and E-Plus network planning and take care of the overall coordination of all parties involved.

  • City of Rottenburg

    STF Tele Consult has worked with the City of Rottenburg, conducting FTTH planning which included cost analysis as well as support during the construction process. The main challenges faced were to plan the FTTH networks for individual neighbourhoods in such a way as to make conduit installation during street repairs and building both economical and practical for the city's building services department while also making access to the FTTH network comprehensively available to the city's residents.