STF Tele ConsultSTF Tele Consult

With a wide range of high-quality consultancy and project services,
STF Tele Consult is the high-end engineering service provider in telecommunications.


Fast, efficient communication has become more important to the success of a business than ever before. From network design to project realisation: STF Tele Consult offers a comprehensive array of services which place clients at the very forefront of their field when it comes to flexibility, speed and effectiveness.

  • Broadband Consultation

    We work as planners and consultants to help cities and communities develop and create comprehensive broadband networks. We develop customised project structures for our clients, placing high emphasis on economic efficiency and practicality – from initial consultations through to successful implementation. We determine the levels of existing broadband access and use this to develop an individualized concept for the optimisation of broadband networking. We also perform consultations concerning various funding programs, managing the application process if desired. In addition, we support communities in the bidding process as well as in the selection of the most qualified network operators.

    Our Services:

    • needs analysis
    • technical conceptualisation (feasibility studies)
    • expense planning, budgeting
    • organisational and operational models
    • support in securing subsidies and funding
    • drafting and support during the tendering process
  • Broadband Expansion

    The nationwide broadband expansion in Germany is one of the explicit goals of politicians and administrations. This can only be efficiently achieved with a planned and coordinated approach. With many years of experience in the telecommunications sector, we have acquired extensive expertise in advising public contractors. From strategic advice to project management, STF Tele Consult is on hand to assist its clients in all broadband matters.

    Our Services:

    • planning, support and documentation of FTTX network implementation
    • installation planning
    • construction coordination
    • network documentation
    • dismantling
    • Network Development

      STF Tele Consult develops customised and optimised solutions for all kinds of mobile, fixed and data transmission networks. We are involved in projects from beginning to end. And thanks to the support provided by our science and research partners, we ensure that our clients receive state-of-the-art technology solutions. 

      Our Services:

      • general planning of networks
      • network optimisation
      • metrological analysis
      • wireless planning (LTE, UMTS, GSM, TETRA)
      • landline network and backbone planning
      • roll out management
      • network auditing (new and existing networks, swapping)
    • Operations Projects

      IT and telecommunication infrastructures need to operate faultlessly to ensure working processes run smoothly. STF Tele Consult offers comprehensive services to guarantee that this is the case:

      • Operations and service concepts
      • Configuration management
      • SLA management
      • Fault management
      • KPI report
    • Public Services

      Long years of experience in the industry, along with dependable expertise, form the solid foundation for the consultation of our clients in the public sector. Working together with renowned cooperative partners, we act as your qualified representatives for strategic matters and planning.

      Our Services:

      • development of new areas of business
      • organisation and process development
      • drafting of contracts and invitations to tender
      • risk management
      • project management and controlling
      • quality management
    • Closed and In-house Mobile Networks

      Providing quality, reliable mobile networks is becoming increasingly more important, however, the existing networks in some buildings are not up to the challenge. Dropped calls, disruptions to service and the resulting user dissatisfaction are often the result of insufficient mobile network capabilities. STF Tele Consult's engineers support you in the development of your in-house networks to ensure optimised coverage quality.

      Our Services:

      • mobile and communication technology consultation
      • creation of property-specific requirement catalogues and documentation of planning
      • service and provision planning
      • support in construction and operational implementation
      • quality and functionality analysis
      • analysis verification regarding electromagnetic environmental friendliness